You don’t need to know how to windsurf, kitesurf, stand up paddle or even surf to practice Wingsurfing. This is precisely the main interest of this new sport which combines all these elements.

Moreover, the wing is really space-saving and easy to set up. It fits in a small bag, inflates in 3 minutes with a pump and does not require any other accessories. Very light, the handling is facilitated.

As a result, anyone from all ages can start to discover the sensations of sailing on the water while enjoying the «wind effect». A simple breeze is enough to start on a big board, like a stand up paddle for example.

Even if at first it’s just a question of balance technic, you can quickly get addicted to new sensations and fly over the water by jumping on a foil board.

If you don’t live close to the sea or a waterspot, you can also have a lot of fun riding on a skateboard, a mountain board, or even skis and snowboard !