To keep up with the evolution and the emerging (r)evolution of the “Wingsurfing” discipline – and more particularly the “Wingfoil”, the Association of Wing Riders (AWR) was created last December.

It is the very first Wingsurf association, in France and in the world! The AWR was created by two passionate friends, Steve Palier and Zinou Guiri. Both of them have solid experiences in various fields of windsurfing and kitesurfing: event organization, press and communication, and photography.

They have known everything about this new sport since its inception and now have the important contacts in this discipline: brand manufacturers, designers, distributors, top riders and specialized media.

Based on the famous spot of Leucate in the South of France, the association aims to democratize Wingsurfing, to support and promote the interests of all practitioners (amateurs and professionals) by ensuring that this sport is accessible to all and practiced safely.  

The AWR also wishes to represent the brands of the Wingsurfing industry in order to provide them with reliable information on the market evolution and to offer riders a platform to achieve the objectives of the association.

This year, the Association of Wing Riders plans to organize several convivial events around the discipline in France: the “Wing Series”.

Furthermore, the AWR has another exciting objective: create and launch the first international Wingsurfing meeting on a worldclass spot.

We are currently looking for sponsors and partners, as well as clubs and spots that could host our events in a very near future, in France and of course abroad. 

So, are you ready to join us for the “Wing” (r)evolution?