In just 8 months, Wingsurfing has become very popular worldwide. This sport is mesmerizing and accessible to everyone. It has also quickly become an extreme experience because the foil has made it possible to push the unexplored limits in windsurfing or kitesurfing with an incredible freedom of movement.

In the summer of 2019, we have already seen the first Wingsurfing races on foil boards in Hawaii. Today, some riders take off at incredible heights on a simple chop or perform insane freestyle tricks. Others are surfing the waves or the swell of the open sea with super-compact foil boards under their feet.

But that’s just the beginning.

Available on several supports, this new and very accessible sport is going to make some waves. All ages and levels will be concerned.

Wingsurfing has a stronger and faster development impact within the boardriding sports. That’s for sure!

You can find out below comments of designers and professionals from Hawaii, about the exciting future of this sport.

«If Wingsurfing couldn’t have found its place between kitesurfing and windsurfing before the arrival of the foil, it is now a sport that is here to stay in time because it has the potential to surf and fly in a completely different way than a windsurfer or kitesurfer can. I am now looking forward to see how the equipment will evolve because is currently the limiting factor. Within two years, I’m sure we’ll be doing Wingfoil with high-performance wings.» Kai Lenny - Waterman

«While the learning curve is still relatively fast, I think that the discipline will very quickly reach very high levels of performance in terms of speed, of jumping and freestyle tricks. But We need a form of racing that permits people to have some hope of success when they compete.» Ken Winner - Duotone Foil Wing Designer

«This sport will probably develop with new enthusiasts because it is another way of approaching sailing and foil. It’s easier to learn than windsurfing or kitesurfing for someone who has no experience in either sport.» Alex Aguera - Go Foil Designer

«His potential is unlimited. It’s like a storm that comes up and you can’t stop it. The evolution of the foils converges on a trajectory of development with the revolution of hand-held wings.» Flash Austin - World kitesurfing champion

“The foil is what has taken the sport to the next level and that’s what makes it so interesting right now, but there are many other ways to enjoy a Wingsurf wing. I predict that this new sport will become very popular all over the world because it is already suitable for racing, fun, very safe and quick to learn. Even my grandmother could get into it on a paddleboard!” Christian "Pacifico" Barcellos - Wings tester