«Wingsurfing», or «Wingfoil» or «Winging» is a new boardriding sport that is booming. It combines the disciplines of windsurfing, kitesurfing and foiling. 

Standing on a compact board equipped with a hydrofoil, you fly over the water while being pulled by a very light wing with an inflatable structure.

This new way of riding on the water is simple, accessible and has no limits at this time. The very first steps can be taken on the water with a larger board that offers enough stability like a stand up paddle type, without a foil.

This makes Wingsurfing a very easy watersport, allowing to quickly have fun. Those who have never had the opportunity to try windsurfing or kitesurfing, or even experienced surfing waves can easily discover the «wind element».

Wingsurfing can be practiced on many different equipments: on the water with a stand up paddle or a specific board, or even on land on a mountain board, a skateboard or skis/snowboard.

Launched on the market at the beginning of summer 2019, Wingsurfing has already made two TV appearances in France and the enthusiasm of the public is huge! Even the most skeptical are cracking up!

In just 8 months, no less than 30 brands have already invested in the sport by developing their own wing concepts.

The «Wing» (r)evolution is really underway!