Even if it’s a recent sport, it has already started to be declined on multiple supports. From the simple SUP board to the very short foil board, as well as the longboard, the skateboard or the mountain board and skis. There is no doubt that Wing events will be organized in all these activities.

From then on, all disciplines can be considered: slalom, surfing, freestyle, jumping…

Thanks to the foil support, it is however very likely that some people will want to compete on long-distance or «ins & outs» fun races to challenge each other, even during wave or jumping events.

This is the benefit of Wingsurfing: it can be declined on several supports and in many disciplines, on water as well as on land!

“Within our association, we believe this sport should remain a fun and user-friendly activity, open to everyone. We are aware we can influence permanently the development of this sport for decades to come. Wingsurfing should not become an elite discipline in the world of competition.”